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September 1, 2016

Atlanta / Decorating

Steve McKenzie's in Atlanta, home decor shop via @thouswellblog

I’ve had so much fun sharing shots of Steve McKenzie’s home decor store in Atlanta, sharing Steve’s tips for mixing patterns, and designing a tablescape around one of his original fabrics, so now I want to share the fun with one of my readers to win a $200 gift card to shop their store! Although if you live in Atlanta you’ll be able to shop all the products in their showroom, their online selection has some great finds (some of which I’ve highlighted below). Although their entertaining selection may be my favorite part of their products, I also love the mix of gifts and decor they have, from their throws to the extensive selection of home decor books. Find the giveaway widget below and enter to win $200 to shop their store!
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July 22, 2016


Setting the table with Steve McKenzie, watercolor table setting via @thouswellblog

One of the most exciting parts (to me) about Steve McKenzie’s and the McKenzie’s design business is the original fabric line that Steve created from his own paintings. Taking his expressive brushstrokes and soft, watercolor paintings to fabrics and upholstery projects is such a fun way to bring an artist’s touch to interiors. When I saw Steve’s line with a soft, watercolor palette, I knew they would make great tablecloths as well. Inspired by the warm, faded palette, I designed a table setting using the McKenzie’s store as my prop closet. With a large, low-lying arrangement, acrylic goblets, mixed plates and hotel silver, the table took on an electic look that really speaks to the unique mix at the McKenzie’s shop. I set up the table at my neighbor’s house for a fresh setting, and lit the votive candles as the daylight faded, casting a glow on the rosy stripes running across the table. Get all the details of this tablescape after the jump!
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June 24, 2016


Tips for mixing pattern with Steve McKenzie, Green velvet sofa in a bohemian living room on @thouswellblog(via Domino, photography by Michael Wiltbank)

When it comes to pattern, Steve and Jill McKenzie behind the shop Steve McKenzie’s definitely know what they’re talking about. As I introduced in my first post with them, Steve’s original line of fabrics have an organic, hand-painted style based on his own watercolor paintings. His love of patterns is no secret, so I turned to this shop owner and designer for tips on pattern mixing in interiors. Here is Steve on his personal style:

I think of my personal style is inspired and authentic. For me, it is the perfect intersection where history and modern innovation meet. My watercolor patterns are born out of my original art. In fact, my first collection was taken from brushstrokes in previous paintings, put together in a way to convey what I am trying to say in textiles. The development of my patterns now come from a lot of what is inspiring me at the moment and a lot of paintings exploring this inspiration. I do not start out to “paint a certain way” – I am an intuitive painter, so it involves a lot of experimentation and exploration.
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