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November 2, 2016


Black and white modern bathroom via @thouswellblog(via Daun Curry)

From the first time I shared Metrie on the blog, I knew it would become one of my favorite sources to share again and again. The range of applications and opportunities that Metrie’s  coordinated Then & Now Finishing Collections presents are endless. This time around, I’m sharing some inspiration for small spaces – specifically bathrooms – and how these rooms always need a dose of good architecture, even if you love the modern look. The effect of crown molding in a plain room, especially when replacing builder-grade architectural details, is incredible. Just check out this room transformation with Metrie’s Fashion Forward Collection (my personal favorite), below:

While bathrooms are typically much smaller spaces, the addition of crown molding can have an even greater opportunity to elevate the space. It may be the emphasis on the top edge of the room or the slanted edge, but crown molding also has the effect of perceptually raising the ceiling height (which is always a plus). As you may have already observed from the home tours I share on TS, I love the mix of traditional and contemporary. When it comes to my favorite European apartments, there is always the foundation of stunning architecture and detailed trimwork that provides the perfect base for sleek modern furnishings. I think this formula applies perfectly to the bathroom, or any room who’s architecture is lacking. Trust me, your modern decor will look all the better with the right context! Continue reading below to find some of my favorite contemporary bathrooms rocking crown molding.

P.S. Not sure of your molding style? Take Metrie’s style quiz to find out which of their five Collections is right for you!
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June 14, 2016


Contemporary living room featuring Metrie's Fashion Forward molding and trim collection on @thouswellblog(via Metrie, Fashion Forward collection)

When it comes to elevating a room’s style with elegance, there is really no better way than bringing time-honored architectural details to a plain room. With the layers of mouldings and trim, even the smallest of rooms can truly transform into something special. Mouldings bring intimacy to a space, and help define a room by its architectural form. While the style of moulding brings different personalities to a space, any form will give you detail, intimacy, and a sense of history. Although traditional rooms often boast elaborate trim on every surface, there are so many styles to implement and – my favorite style – the contrast of traditional mouldings with contemporary furniture is especially striking.
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