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August 7, 2015


Bedroom before & after on @ThouSwellBlog
A bedroom makeover before and after

I’ve been working on a few updates in the bedroom (the biggest of which you saw on this DIY post), but I finally finished polishing things up! Using the two bookcases and sconces, I was able to create a sort of nook around my bed and I softened the space with a light headboard and a framed print from Framebridge (their prices for printing and framing are amazing). The headboard was the biggest investment but I love its unique shape and the linen texture and studded detail. I also finally pulled together a semi-matching set of bed linens, as I wanted more pillows and a plusher feel to make it light but still cozy! I picked out an area rug from FLOR to use – it’s so nice to have something soft under my feet when I get out of bed in the morning. Plus I love the graphic pattern of their Positive Slant pattern, and the fact that I can switch the tiles around to create new patterns in the rug.

One of the things that really helped the process of figuring out the bed area and pulling the linens together was making a little design board. I had been thinking about my room design for a while, but until I actually starting looking at products together nothing got done! I put together the design (below) to see how everything would look together, and I think it translated pretty well once everything was put in place. Plus, I was able to move quickly to take advantage of sales!

Bedroom before & after on @ThouSwellBlog
(Bookcases, bookcase legs c/o, frame, sconces, headboard, euro shams, throw pillows c/o, throw blanket, pillows and comforter c/o, rug c/o)

A bedroom makeover before and after
A bedroom makeover before and after
Modular rug tiles in geometric gray striped pattern from @FLORSquares

Now my room is starting to feel calm and cohesive – I’ve just got my desk to conquer! I think my sanity may be slightly linked to my bedroom’s state of being. When it’s messy my productivity drops completely! Anyone else feel that way?




June 8, 2015

Atlanta / Decorating

FLOR Positive Slant tiles on Thou Swell

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a super fun event at FLOR’s Atlanta location. I brought along two friends, and together we designed our own 5×6 square rug using mini FLOR square samples, and entered it on Instagram as part of the #FLORDesignChallenge2015 for a chance to get our rug produced! You can see our entry here – it’s an all-American, or tout-Français design. There were food and drinks and lots of creativity going on as we designed our rug entries. My friends and I actually put together three different rug designs before we picked our favorite to enter in the challenge! 

I was excited to get to learn more about FLOR and get familiar with some of their rug designs, because their modular rug concept is so unique. FLOR is also super environmentally conscious – their latest collection called “(Better than) Wool” is 100% recyclable, and has a great collection of neutral, cream and brown patterns. They’ve got a collection of squares ranging from bold graphic prints to soft, neutral patterns or solids, and they’re just start producing area rugs that combine different variations of their square patterns to create special designs. All of FLOR’s tiles meet or exceed the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus standards for VOC emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds), and can be used almost anywhere. Plus, they are easy to install! Check out a few of my favorites below:

FLOR Twisted Spokes tiles on Thou Swell FLOR Jump Jive tiles on Thou Swell FLOR Modern Mix tiles on Thou Swell FLOR Leaf Behind tiles on Thou Swell(from top to bottom: Twisted Spokes, Jump Jive, Modern Mix, Leaf Behind)

You may see their ‘Positive Slant‘ tiles in my bedroom coming soon to TS… And you should check out their collections for yourself. You can always order samples to see how the squares look and feel for yourself, and they’re currently having a 25% off sale with code SUMMER15!


This post is sponsored by FLOR, but text and love for their innovative floor tiles is all my own.