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May 11, 2016

Decorating / One Room Challenge / Tye Street Project

One Room Challenge master bedroom makeover reveal by @thouswellblog


It’s been a whirlwind of six weeks, with my first rodeo in the One Room Challenge designer group and my last few weeks of high school! It’s definitely been crazy, but I’ve had so much fun tackling this bedroom makeover. Having the support of such an amazing group of sponsors absolutely made this room shine and let me stretch my limits. It’s so amazing to see how my designs have progressed through each One Room Challenge season, starting with my dad’s back room, then my mom’s living room, and now my dad’s master bedroom… I’m so lucky my parent’s let me redecorate all the time! My dad’s bedroom was the last room to be decorated in his home (see the rest of the house on Design*Sponge). His bedroom definitely got the royal treatment with custom drapery, a high-gloss ceiling, and a custom-cut rug. I am thrilled with the final result, and hope you like it as well! A huge thank you to Linda of Calling it Home for believing in me and including me in the designer group this year, and to the other designers and readers who have commented and cheered this project each week. Make sure to check out all of their room reveals below, and the linking participant rooms tomorrow on CIH.

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May 4, 2016

Decorating / One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge Week Five - @thouswellblog

Now that we’re just one week away from reveal day, I’m starting to focus in on the details and think about each shot as a vignette. Catch up on weeks one, two, three, and four if you haven’t already. I’m excited to partner with a local favorite and friend Waiting on Martha for styling accessories that bring character and purpose to the bedside tables and the footed side table by the leather chair above. Adding these details certainly creates a more interesting shot, but these details also tell a story about how the room will be used and they bring a bit more dimension to the room’s style. I used a fun glasses holder and a domino set to fill the table around the brass lamp. I also added the new 30×40 print of my own photography, in a mirrored frame by Framebridge, to finish off the corner. The scale works nicely beside the gallery wall of smaller prints!

Shop some of the accessories I’m using in my room below, and use the code THOUSWELL for 20% off your order at Waiting on Martha! We’ll also be partnering up for a great giveaway after the big reveal, so stay tuned…


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April 27, 2016

Decorating / One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge gallery wall and brass lamp via @thouswellblog

I can’t believe we’re only two weeks away from the spring reveal. I’m in my last few weeks of high school so time has really sped up, but the One Room Challenge never fails to surprise me with how quickly the weeks slip by. Make sure to catch up on my Design Plans and Blue Ceiling posts if you haven’t already. I’m very happy to say that I’ve finished placing orders and I’m just waiting on one or two last things to arrive, so I feel well organized to finish off the challenge with everything in place (hope I’m not jinxing myself here). This week I’ve got some great sneak peeks of some of the latest details that have made their way into the room, including the gallery wall, new chair, floor mirror, and curtains. The room is starting to fill in with a lot of the pieces that are adding weight and color to the space, but next week will be all the finishing touches that to really polish it off for the photo shoot. Get a look at the room’s details and catch up with all of the featured designer’s posts this week below.

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April 20, 2016

One Room Challenge

Purdy painting supplies for the One Room Challenge on @thouswellblog

When it comes to transforming a room in six weeks, painting definitely gives one of the biggest changes in such a short amount of time. It’s thrilling to watch a room take on a whole different feeling with a fresh coat of paint, so I’m excited to share my painting progress as it definitely made a big impact in the room. I started out searching for a statement color for the ceiling of the room, and I wasn’t afraid to go dark for two reasons. The first being that I’ve discovered how dark colors can actually make a room feel larger (see my schpeel on Design*Sponge here), and second that the room has tall ceilings, so I wasn’t even worried about space in the first place. I settled on a brilliant navy blue from Farrow & Ball (with a great name) and chose a shade of white for the walls. I was also thrilled to try out Purdy’s painting supplies, which were very helpful in getting the room painted over a weekend. See how the new paint looks and catch up with all the other featured designers’ posts after the jump!

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April 13, 2016

Decorating / One Room Challenge

Simple bedroom with soothing gray walls and headboard on @thouswellblog(via Elle Decor, photography by Bjorn Wallander)

I’m thrilled to share my design board for the my master bedroom One Room Challenge with all of the products that will be in the mix. Like the inspiration above, the room will have a soft, warm gray base from which I can bring in accent colors and finishes. Unlike the inspiration above, I hoping to bring some dramatic statements to the room for an impactful transformation. From the rug to the curtains, I’m mixing in some contemporary patterns to the bedroom, with mid-century modern style in the lighting and accent furniture. I also couldn’t resist throwing in some rattan from the summer collection I shared last week. Click through for my full design board, and don’t miss this week’s update from the rest of the featured designers below.

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