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July 1, 2016

DIY Projects

Modern home office with DIY bookshelf hack and standing desk on @thouswellblog

As a young designer, you can be sure I have cycled through many arrangements of my bedroom furniture. I mean it’s only natural that I rearrange my one true domain at least a couple times a year, right? Needless to say, the bookshelves you may recall flanking my bed in my last rendition have now been IKEA-hacked once more for a workspace makeover. As I mentioned at in this recent post with Black+Decker, I had two bookshelves in my room and two in my little sister’s room that I combined to create a long wall of shelves that now face my bed. Using my limited math skills and Home Depot’s lumber selection, I refaced the bookshelves to create a more substantial, ‘built-in’ look that also connects the four shelves into one unit. With the appearance of thicker shelves and a solid base, the shelves instantly had much more integrity as a unit. They now serve as a great backdrop for my new desk! Click through to see a few photos of the process and stay tuned for a full workspace makeover reveal later this week.
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June 21, 2016

DIY Projects

Why a drill is my DIY essential (plus enter to win one yourself) on @thouswellblog

When it comes to DIY projects, I’ve had a steep learning curve. I can visualize a finished project, but getting from start to finish (especially in three dimensions) can be a challenge for me. I’ve timidly ventured into the world of DIY just a few times on TS, usually to share simpler projects, but I started warming up to power tools along the way. When it came to making these mid-century bookcases, or this desk with gold hairpin legs, a drill came in handy and made the projects so much easier. There’s only so much a screwdriver can do, and whether it’s installing table legs or hanging a wall mirror, drills make the task easy and do-able every time. My latest DIY project is another bookcase hack, but this time my project is a little more involved. I’ll be sharing all the steps in the next few weeks, as I wrap up the finishing touches, but I have a sneak peek for you today (involving my new compact Black+Decker drill)! Plus, enter to win a drill and circular saw at the end of this post.
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March 18, 2016

DIY Projects

How to make a DIY desk with gold hairpin legs from PrettyPegs on @thouswellblog

I’ve been a fan of PrettyPegs‘ simple, modern table legs for chic Ikea Hacks for a while now, but when they released their new Harald legs I knew I had to try them out. They’re similar to hairpin legs, with a gold finish and pretty leather pockets for the ends. They’re slightly angled out for a light, modern look. I paired the legs with an MDF panel painted high-gloss white, but the size and colors are endless when it comes to the top you choose for your desk. The legs also have a bracket and come with all the screws you need to install them. With such an easy way to create a custom desk why not give yourself the perfect workspace with custom furniture legs?
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March 8, 2016

DIY Projects

How to easily create a two-toned striped lattice on your ceiling via @thouswellblog

One of the most striking parts of my recent hallway makeover was the two-tone lattice ceiling pattern. Now that you’ve seen the final product, I wanted to share the steps I took to create the lattice with WallsNeedLove’s Easy Stripe removable stripes. With the illusion of a depth (using a lighter and darker color in the same shade), the ceiling actually felt taller. I also love how the pattern alludes to the squares of a coffered ceiling in a graphic, modern way. Although the stripes really live up to their name – they are definitely easy to install and remove – executing the lattice pattern took a bit of math. See all of the steps after the jump!
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February 10, 2016

DIY Projects / Entertaining / Holiday

How to make a floral ice bowl via @thouswellblog

I love incorporating flowers into a Valentine’s Day table in unexpected ways. Freezing your florals into an ice bowl is definitely one way to do this! It’s surprisingly easy to create this elegant addition for your next soirée – the hardest thing about it is being patient. It’s better to be safe than sorry when putting a block of ice on your table, so making sure it’s frozen solid will ensure a longer lifespan out of the freezer. Other than that, all it takes is two bowls, a bouquet of flowers and/or greenery, and space in your freezer to make this eye-catching bowl. See the full directions after the jump!
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