About the Blog

Welcome to Thou Swell, a visual compilation of interiors, design, great products and other bits and pieces from my life and others. This blog fulfills the creative side of me, and I find elation in the lives and work of other creators from all over the web. Here, I can document these inspirations, and projects of my own, and share them with you. The name of my blog, Thou Swell, comes from an old jazz standard (my favorite kind of music), and includes swell which has many appropriate definitions – a welling up of a feeling, a stylish person, very good, excellent. The lyrics of Thou Swell also resonate with me in a personal sense, so it seemed appropriate for the name of my blog!

About Me

My name is Kevin O’Gara and I’m a 17 year old student living in Atlanta, GA. I have a passion for all things design, and I am currently exploring all types of design as I hone in on a career. I’m an optimist (though sometimes it overrides my practicality), and I love good food, big windows, and dogs. I’m the brother to two sisters who are both as creative as me, but in other ways. My younger sister dances ballet and my older sister is very gifted in drawing and painting.  I was very blessed to grow up being exposed to art in every facet – through museums, theater, classical drawing and painting, cooking, and interiors.

If you have any questions or just want to talk, visit my CONTACT page!