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Thou Swell is a visual compilation of interiors design, style, and culinary and entertaining inspiration. The name Thou Swell comes from an old jazz standard, most famously covered by Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, and Sarah Vaughan. Thou Swell is the creative pursuit of Kevin O’Gara,  a 18 year old student living in Atlanta, GA. Kevin has a passion for interior design, and an enthusiasm for historical details. He’s an optimist and he loves dogs, dinner parties, and big windows. He has two sisters and a spunky wired-hair fox terrier. As founder and editor of Thou Swell, Kevin pursues his love for interior design through an exploration of classical and contemporary home decor and a zeal for lifestyle and culture.


Izzy Eveux – Food
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Izzy Eveux is a 14 year old living in New York City, who loves to bake and plays the trombone. She writes the blog Common Comfort, and is interested in graphic design, photography, film-making, and illustration/art. Izzy was recently a grant from the VSCO Artist Initiative and is writing a book.

Naomi Dudas – Downloads
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Naomi Dudas also lives in Atlanta and love graphic design. She describes herself as “a storyteller and word collector passionate about finding beauty in the brokenness, rebelling reality, and asking questions that inspire change.” You can visit her portfolio here.