June 27, 2016


One patio styled three ways with At Home on @thouswellblog

A couple weeks ago I shared the start of a patio refresh with At Home. I started with the two armless chairs and concrete table in my first post, and I’ve built up from there with a complete look (styled three ways) this week! I rounded out the seating arrangement with some modern blue dining or side chairs and brought in two round tables that can be used as accent tables or support a tabletop to make a long dining table. All of the pieces have the potential to be used in multiples ways, depending on how I arrange the patio furniture, so it’s fun to imagine the possibilities with these new pieces. I also switched out the throw pillows for some that matched the new blue chairs, and the bright pattern really energizes the space and reminds me of Jonathan Adler! Click through to see how I styled the three seating arrangements.
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June 24, 2016


Tips for mixing pattern with Steve McKenzie, Green velvet sofa in a bohemian living room on @thouswellblog(via Domino, photography by Michael Wiltbank)

When it comes to pattern, Steve and Jill McKenzie behind the shop Steve McKenzie’s definitely know what they’re talking about. As I introduced in my first post with them, Steve’s original line of fabrics have an organic, hand-painted style based on his own watercolor paintings. His love of patterns is no secret, so I turned to this shop owner and designer for tips on pattern mixing in interiors. Here is Steve on his personal style:

I think of my personal style is inspired and authentic. For me, it is the perfect intersection where history and modern innovation meet. My watercolor patterns are born out of my original art. In fact, my first collection was taken from brushstrokes in previous paintings, put together in a way to convey what I am trying to say in textiles. The development of my patterns now come from a lot of what is inspiring me at the moment and a lot of paintings exploring this inspiration. I do not start out to “paint a certain way” – I am an intuitive painter, so it involves a lot of experimentation and exploration.
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June 22, 2016

Gardening / Tye Street Project

Front yard with Monrovia boxwoods on @thouswellblog

This past weekend we took some time to take care of Tye Street’s curb appeal, and bring in some new plants that would create the foundation for a beautiful, classic garden in the two beds that line the front of the house. One of my favorite plants and a bush that makes a great backdrop or border for garden beds is the boxwood. While they take a bit of investment and patience to grow, their small leaves and branches make them a beautiful hedge bush and easy to shape. Since they’re so dense and have a broader shape, they were perfect for placing against the porch as eventually they will grow in to cover the old lattice and cinderblocks at the base of the house. The Winter Gem boxwoods we planted from Monrovia are also ideal since they’re one of the hardiest boxwood varieties. Boxwoods are one of my favorite shrubs because they’re very versatile, and can mix well into contemporary or cottage style gardens. For my dad’s house, I wanted it to keep a more simple, contemporary style in the garden while using all of the classic Southern plants I explored my last post with Monrovia. I also wanted to celebrate Monrovia’s 90th anniversary – that’s a long time to be growing beautiful plants for our gardens!
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June 21, 2016

DIY Projects

Why a drill is my DIY essential (plus enter to win one yourself) on @thouswellblog

When it comes to DIY projects, I’ve had a steep learning curve. I can visualize a finished project, but getting from start to finish (especially in three dimensions) can be a challenge for me. I’ve timidly ventured into the world of DIY just a few times on TS, usually to share simpler projects, but I started warming up to power tools along the way. When it came to making these mid-century bookcases, or this desk with gold hairpin legs, a drill came in handy and made the projects so much easier. There’s only so much a screwdriver can do, and whether it’s installing table legs or hanging a wall mirror, drills make the task easy and do-able every time. My latest DIY project is another bookcase hack, but this time my project is a little more involved. I’ll be sharing all the steps in the next few weeks, as I wrap up the finishing touches, but I have a sneak peek for you today (involving my new compact Black+Decker drill)! Plus, enter to win a drill and circular saw at the end of this post.
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June 20, 2016


Modern entryway in the stylish home of a Spanish designer via @thouswellblog(via Architectural Digest, photography by Simon Watson)

With a beautiful foundation in traditional furniture and antiques, Madrid-based interior designer Isabel Lopez-Quesada mixes styles effortlessly in her gracious home. I shared one of her projects just last week, a serene villa which sparked my interest in the designer. Upon finding her fabulous home tour, I knew it was another project to share on TS, for the sophisticated mix of new and old and the luxurious pool and patio. In the entryway above, graphic tiles lead your eye down the hall while steel-framed French doors contrast a traditional wooden door immediately to the left. A traditional touch is also contributed by the 18th-century Swedish bench, ingeniously upholstered in black raffia (dark and durable for a well-used entry). A modern pendant and painting add splashes of color.


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