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Recently Chairish posted an Atlanta city-guide for antique and vintage shops in Atlanta. From French rococo to Italian midcentury, this stylish and comprehensive style guide covers many great shops in the Atlanta area. My absolute favorite may be the desk chair, with that snazzy side table coming in close second. How convenient is that magazine rack? I just can’t wait to get back home and explore these shops in person!


Spark Light | Pendant Light | Caned Chairs | Gilt Mirror | Side Table | Coffee Table (Brass) | Coffee Table (Steel) | Desk Chair

See the whole list of shops and products here. Just reppin’ ATL from Napa. Missing home and my family right about now but excited for my Fall break this weekend – my dad and I are heading down to San Francisco… For any SF-dwellers, comment your favorite spots!


Black & White Done Right

Black & White Done Right | Thou Swell (via  James Dawson Interiors)
Black and white is classic, but can be deceivingly tricky to pull off. Because it’s such a timeless combination, the final product can end up confusing and muddled, with a lack of cohesion besides the duo-chromatic color scheme. James Dawson, an emerging Australian designer has created a wonderfully balanced apartment in black, white, and gold for warm accents. The end product is restrained, elegant, and innovative.

The most striking part of this apartment would be the bold ceiling above the kitchen. Besides offering texture, interest, and a graphic element, the design helps separate the kitchen from the living area in the foreground. This distinction is important and helpful for such a small space.

Black & White Done Right | Thou Swell (via  James Dawson Interiors)
The use of mirrors, above the counters and on the kitchen island help expand the space and, in the kitchen, help to reflect light to lessen the severity of the dark cabinetry.

Black & White Done Right | Thou Swell (via  James Dawson Interiors)Black & White Done Right | Thou Swell (via  James Dawson Interiors)
Aren’t these pendants just fabulous? I love how playful they against both the white living room and black kitchen.

Black & White Done Right | Thou Swell (via  James Dawson Interiors)  Black & White Done Right | Thou Swell (via  James Dawson Interiors)Black & White Done Right | Thou Swell (via  James Dawson Interiors) Black & White Done Right | Thou Swell (via  James Dawson Interiors)
What’s even better about this space is that there are some appalling Before pictures in the full interior shoot that will make you even more impressed with the final product. It’s amazing how extensive a vision can be for one little place. Happy Monday!


Cinema Style: To Catch a Thief

thief-titleCinema Style is a new post series inspired by the timeless style of old movies, drawing inspiration from the clothes, colors, and decor from the silver screen and into your home. Lights, Camera, Action! 

In Alfred Hitchcock’s stylish and romantic thriller To Catch a Thief, Cary Grant plays a former notorious jewelry thief, and Grace Kelly is the bored daughter of an oil family from the United States. They meet at the Riviera, with a series of jewelry thieveries pointing to the innocent Grant. Grace overflows with grace and Cary is smart and sophisticated. Together, they frame the real thief and live happily ever after in Grant’s beautiful villa in the South of France overlooking the Mediterranean.

Not only is this a class Hitchcock film, and Grace’s last film with Hitchcock, each scene is a feast for the eyes. As the plot moves from a café, to a beach resort and hotel, down the winding roads, to a costume ball at a large villa, and finally ending in Grant’s bachelor-pad, there’s so much style to take in.Cinema Style: To Catch a ThiefScene by Scene: To Catch a ThiefScene by Scene: To Catch a ThiefThe French Riviera is definitely a source of inspiration, the hallway and bedroom in their hotel is just magical (all that molding!). Grace’s impeccable style can’t be overlooked. By merging traditional french details with simple style, I get a mix that feels fresh yet classic, featuring blues, grey, and gold accents.

Inspired by: To Catch a Thief | Thou Swell

Sources: chair, chandelier, ceiling medallion, lamp, armchairs, mirror, table, sofa, sconces

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Portfolio Peek: Jessica Comingore

Portfolio Peek: Jessica Comingore
(via Jessica Comingore)

Earlier this year I shared the lovely apartment of Jessica Comingore, LA-based photographer, graphic designer, and art director. She’s got quite an eye for aesthetics and her photography portfolio ranges from interiors to commercial shoots to gorgeous personal photographs of LA in black and white. I love how clean her photographs are; she frequently works in predominately-white palettes or carefully-saturated still lives.

Portfolio Peek: Jessica ComingorePortfolio Peek: Jessica ComingorePortfolio Peek: Jessica ComingorePortfolio Peek: Jessica ComingorePortfolio Peek: Jessica ComingorePortfolio Peek: Jessica ComingorePortfolio Peek: Jessica Comingore


Laid-Back in the Hamptons

Summer’s almost over, so I thought I’d share one last beachy home tour to celebrate the lingering heat. This compact Hamptons home is and full of expected pops of bright hues. It’s got loads of light and has a funky laid-back vibe. The living/dining area pulls out the blue from the ocean view, from the rug in the living area to the blue pole in the center of the room. Scandinavian accents like the super-minimal fireplace mix well with the pale wood-paneled walls, and the full room makes these bright whites pop. The shape of the ceiling creates an airy feeling in the room and reflects lots of light from the large windows, and I bet this space looks great at night, from the combination of spotlights in the ceiling on the left, floor lamps, and the pendant lights above the kitchen counter and dining table.

Laid-Back Hamptons HomeLaid-Back Hamptons HomeI love this bookshelf/desk area. Everything on the table is beautiful, and the contemporary typography print is a nice touch. Also, how fun are the colored doors below?

Laid-Back Hamptons HomeLaid-Back Hamptons HomeLaid-Back Hamptons HomeLaid-Back Hamptons Home(via David Netto Design)

The bedroom (and bathroom… I almost missed the tub in the back!) is my absolute favorite space in this house – the simple combination of white bedding and blue and white striped pillows is so inviting, and that gorgeous black leather bergère is killer in this room. If only I could spend the rest of these summer days relaxing here!

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Grace’s Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Grace's Bedroom Makeover Reveal | Thou Swell(See all the before pictures of the bedroom in Phase One)

I’m so excited to share my first-ever makeover reveal (hopefully there will be many more to come)! Grace’s bedroom makeover was a super fun project to work on – it’s always fun to work with Grace, but it was also fun to work on such a quick project. We moved some furniture, added some details, and most importantly, installed a fun gallery wall that’s full of fun vibes. Now let’s get started, shall we?

Grace's Bedroom Makeover Reveal | Thou SwellIf you didn’t already know, Grace’s favorite animal is a giraffe… Funnily enough, we found a Louis Vuitton advertisement featuring a giraffe in a magazine and put it up in her gallery wall (see last photo)!

Grace's Bedroom Makeover Reveal | Thou SwellGrace's Bedroom Makeover Reveal | Thou Swell Grace's Bedroom Makeover Reveal | Thou SwellGrace's Bedroom Makeover Reveal | Thou SwellIsn’t this yellow pillow perfect for her little reading nook? It’s from The Modern Pillow on Etsy, who was kind enough to sponsor the pillow!

Grace's Bedroom Makeover Reveal | Thou SwellGrace's Bedroom Makeover Reveal | Thou SwellThe full gallery wall! Top left is a Louis Vuitton magazine ad, bottom left is a film photograph I took of Grace, watercolors in the middle were painted by Grace and I, and bottom right is a funky wrapping paper I found in my mom’s extensive wrapping paper collection. There’s also a great pink rug that’s part of the makeover, but I left town before it arrived so it didn’t make it into this shoot… But I’ll be sure to share it when I’m back in Atlanta in December!

(See all the decor sources in this post


An Etsy Summer Giveaway

I’m excited to share a big giveaway with you to celebrate my successful switch to WordPress (and my return to your Bloglovin’ feeds) and the end of summer. I’ve teamed up with eight amazing Etsy shops to bring you an Etsy home bundle full of great handmade goodies, including a tea towel from Dozi, screen-printed pillow cover from Shapes & Colors, giraffe air-plant planter from Plant & Color, cityscape canvas art print from Laura Amiss, set of wood coasters from Les Domoy, mix-and-matched set of six cards from Pen and Peplum, handmade candle holder from Convivial Production, and a 22×18 photography print from Anewall Decor! Enter using the widget below… Good luck!

Summer Etsy Giveaway


Swell Downloads with Naomi Dudas

I’m excited to launch a new post series, Swell Downloads! Each month Naomi Dudas of Whisper & Shout will be sharing desktop wallpaper designs to spruce up your digital workspace. Naomi is an Atlanta-based blogger, and a teenager at that! We just had too much in common to not collaborate. I’m excited to be working with her to bring fun design to your desktop! To kick things off, we’ve got a summery floral design, in pink and blue. Enjoy!

Swell Downloads | Pink Floral Desktop Wallpaper Swell Downloads | Blue Floral Desktop Wallpaper wallpaper-pwallpaper-b


Download the Pink Floral Wallpaper
Download the Blue Floral Wallpaper 


Summer Essentials: Lace Shirt

Summer Essentials: Lace Shirt

As you might have already guessed, lace accents are one of the biggest trends of the summer. I’ve already shared lace shorts, but what about lace on top? For my last installation of the Summer Essentials posts, I thought I’d end with a light and breezy white shirt with lace sleeves. I love this shirt, and like many of the pieces I’ve shared, it’s super versatile and can be dressed up or down. It’s from my favorite Zara line – Zara Basics. Unfortunately, because Kevin will be in California until December, this is my last style post for the year but I’ll see you back in 2015 with more style posts… Until then, stay swell!

Summer Essentials: Lace Shirt

A fun and playful day outfit featuring polka-dot chambray shorts

Summer Essentials: Lace Shirt

A sassy ensemble rocking some red skinny jeans

Summer Essentials: Lace Shirt

Classic, with a flashy finish of silver oxfords.

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Guest post on A Thousand Threads: Brilliant Blues

My move to WordPress is taking longer than I expected, but things are still rolling. I should be live by the end of the week… In the meantime, catch me over on ATT today sharing some sapphire inspiration!

I’ve always loved the idea of a color palette being inspired by gem-tones – emeralds, rubies, and deep sapphire blues, but blue particularly sticks out as an easy color to work into any room because it’s subdued and oh-so-versatile. I combed through Pinterest for different ways designers have incorporated blue into interiors, whether it be in the details or as a main element of the room. Check out this bluesy inspiration…


This rug (in the first shot above) packs a lot of punch into this neutral living space. The only precedent for this injection of color would be in the photos on the wall (and there is also a bit of cobalt on the inside of the side table), which shows how well it can be paired with brown and tan neutrals.

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